Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Out for a Walk

The other day I was headed home after my run when I saw the DH and Lettie out for a walk. The DH tried to interest her in my appearance, to no avail.

DH: Lettie! Look! Who’s THAT?

Lettie: Mmmm, what IS this deliciously disgusting scent on the ground? *nudges blades of grass with nose*

DH: Lettie, it’s Rebecca! Look!

Lettie: Is this bunny poo? It IS bunny poo!!!! I should roll in it. *paws at ground to prepare for optimal stinkiness*

DH: Lettie, it’s the woman who feeds you and keeps you alive with 8 different medicines, all administered at different times of the day and night!

Lettie: Wait, Jake the MinPin left me a message. Gotta reply. *squats to pee for the fiftieth time that day*

DH: >.<

So there you have it. I’m less interesting than bunny poo. Should be no surprise to anyone.


  1. So cute, Lettie is obviously very serious about walking, and I am glad to read that she is still active. Been missing the updates on twitter lately.

    1. Thanks, Gayle! She is doing really well - interested in food & walks - so we're really pleased.